Intactes can publicize your product or project through transparent advertising based on real stories.

Our documentaries can add value to your company by making visible the people, values and stories behind your product, project or company.

Our adverts can show not just what you do, but also “why” you do it .

Our team of experienced, socially committed professionals can transform the message behind your products.

Advertise your Product

We tell the story of your product: where it comes from, how it is made and what values it transmits.

Advertise your Project

We tell the story of the project: It’s birth, the social gains it has created and any longer term aims that it might have. 

Advertise your Company

We tell the story of your company: The values that unite and motivate your team.

These videos can both be used on the homepage of your website and on any social networks.
Videos are produced to a high standard on time and on budget.
Budget can be tailored to your requirements.